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Whiplash Treatment Fort MyersAuto Injury Treatment with Board Certified Pain Doctors

  • Are You Dealing With Pain and Injuries from an Auto or Motorcycle Accident?

  • Do You Require Back/Neck Pain or Whiplash Treatment?

  • Lee County Medical Center accepts personal injury liens including PIP and LOP (Letter of Protection) with Board Certified doctors offering pain relief!

Fort Myers personal injury doctor

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be tough to handle, especially if you have injuries and pain and need a Florida personal injury attorney.

You may also need to deal with auto mechanics, body shop, insurance agents, and pain management providers such as pain management doctors in Fort Myers.

Pain doctors agree that receiving treatment soon after your accident for back or neck pain, or extremity pain after the crash may lead to a complete recovery instead of ending up with residual chronic pain if treatment is delayed.

Pain clinic Fort MyersIf you have been in a motor vehicle accident in Fort Myers and need a Personal Injury Doctor Lee County Medical Center can HELP YOU!

For your Florida Personal Injury Pain Management Needs

Lee County Medical offers several Board Certified pain management doctors in Fort Myers treating your pain under PIP or LOP (Personal Injury Protection or Letter of Protection). Treatments include medication management, physical therapy, massage and more.

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